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Monday, February 14, 2005

How To Milk A Franchise To Death

Help me out here ... is NBC Millionaire-ing their succulent heady LAW & ORDER franchise ?

Remember when ABC played Millionaire to death? I love LAW & ORDER, especially the Criminal Intent spinoff with the intense Vincent D'Onofrio and dour but intrepid Kathryn Erbe. I could watch this one program non stop forever, it is the 21rst Century Columbo, but EVERYBODY isn't ME ! It's best as an appointment show, one you see at the same time same day every week without fail. Yet, the Peacock Network is overkilling its most beloved primetime franchise since The Cosby Show ; I'm beginning to wonder what the difference betyween NBC and the A&E channel could be?

Note to current President of NBC and also its head of programming: stop using L&O to fill the yawning gaps on your ever failing program schedule.


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