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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spam in the Blogosphere

just spent a few minutes eliminating all the spam in all the comments of my blogs then resetting my blogs to keep the spam out. i probably wouldn't hate spam that much if all the people who use it weren't scumbags, assholes, dirt clods, pondscum, rat bastards and right cunts. but there it is, so what can you do, hmmmmm?
i mean i write personal meaningful stuff here and some asshole with a bot crawls over my webblog and pollutes it with his pitches for penny stocks and get rich quick schemes and penis enlargements and other crap. I couldn't believe what had happened! Yea! Someone cared enough to leave a comment - what! a sales pitch? FUCK! Well, thanks for Blogger fro proving a tool to slow the fuckers down, but I'm sure some pointy head software engineer will code a work around instaed writing something truly beneficial that might help mankind instaed of hindering progress you shit!!!!


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