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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Bush/Cheney Double-Suicide Scenario

Tom DeLay finally resigned from his seat from Congress and will not seek re-election for his seat. This has to piss off the people he ran against in the Texas primary March 7, 2006. We all have our reasons, suspicions, etcetera, why he resigned (giggle) but it makes me wonder. IF things got so hot and heavy for GWB and Dick Cheney that they would get indicted by the House for impeachment, would they both resign in a manner similiar to Dick Nixon in 1974. I'll call it the Double-Suicide scenario.
President Bush accepts Cheney's resignation, then blanket pardons him of any crimes. President Bush then resigns, Speaker Of The House Dennis Hastert assumes mantle of caretaker President and like a good Republican, issues a blanket pardon for GWB. The House and Senate acts outraged, at worst may censure Hastert, the press has a field day, Hastert takes the heat, he gets a great pension at the end of his term and can "retire". GWB and Dick Cheney once again walks away scot free.


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