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Friday, January 19, 2007

MOre Prognostications '07

1.)By December 2007, many will agree this was the year that Microsoft and the Free Software and Open Source Movements both shot themselves in the foot needlessly warring within and without, while Apple and Google confidently achieved unquestionable dominance in their respective markets. There will be revealed a secret partnership or alliance between the two companies regarding bandwidth.
2.)By December 2009, turnover to Vista will be less than half of what Microsoft projected. Most users have either stuck with Windows XP, moved to Apple or bought a Linux box (as opposed to installing Linux themselves). Microsoft's threat to cutoff support for Windows XP sparks migration away from its products.
3.)Sony buys Be, Inc. intellectual property and employs Magnussoft Zeta OS in new Media devices, from laptops to digital media players, stressing security and ease of use for its consumers. Oddly enough, it takes off because Sony gambles on dropping use of DRM on music and video its download store and making media player seamless and easy to use.
4.)Steve Jobs gets Beatles
exclusively on ITMS by negotiating 49% ownership of Northern Songs to Sir Paul McCartney and estate of John Lennon (songs composed by George Harrison transferred to his estate and Harrisongs Publishing, What Goes On split between Northern Songs and Startling Music). Other half still belongs to Sony Music/BMG, 1% belongs to Buena Vista Music Publishing.
5.)2011 - Google puts in a bid for AT&T, AT&T employs Microsoft as a white knight, putting in a hostile takeover of Google, Google employs a poison pill tactic of issuing preferred stock that can be redeemed at a premium after any takeover - the FTC steps in and orders a cooling off period for all parties, orders Microsoft to divide into no less than three separate corporations, allows "merger" of Google and AT&T under certain conditions.
6.)One of the newly created "Baby-Softs", an R&D company, purchases Bell Labs from Alcatel-Lucent.
7.)The real reason George W. Bush wants NASA to go back to the Moon: intel reveals Chinese plans to set up military bases on Moon. The President and the military want to covertly establish US military outposts on The Moon to counter Chinese lunar expansion.


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