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Monday, February 28, 2005

Quick word about ABC broadcast of Oscar ceremonies

I have to say, I expected the whole Oscar broadcast to be a complete DISASTER but I must say that was one of the best broadcasts in many years. Chris Rock did a fantastic job as host, the production numbers were A-Number ONE and even the commercials were as entertaining and engaging as the Super Bowl advertisements. ABC is going to rule ratings for Sunday Night. Meanwhile, NBC is going to into the toilet for another Law & Order marathon.
BTW, USA Today's Life section TV writer must have been reading my weblog, his article describing how NBC is Millionaire-ing its franchise to death is such a ripoff. I'm not bitter, his decpetion will become apparent. All these plagiaristic jounalistic hacks get outed. Whatsa matter? Couldn't formulate his own opinion so he lifts someone else's...


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