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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Reluctant AntiChrist, revisited

Today I start writing or should I say rewriting my "book". The original tale was about a reluctant Anti-Christ as he relates to the humble readers the true origins of the Universe, God, lesser gods, angels, Adam and Satan/Lucifer, and what happens when the Final Apocalypse is called off. It should have been published in 1999 but the company was bought out a by large private media conglomerate that sacked most of the editorial staff and killed my book deal. I thanked the new head publisher by strangling him with his tie and then hung him out his Manhattan office window by his feet. Oh, he didn't fall, someone pulled him in as I was leaving the building. I had beat it out of town and spent the weekend getting drunk in a hotel room in Jersey, watching the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup and charmed a couple of ex-Times Square burlesque entertainers I met in the hotel bar to spend some time in my room after hours. By that Tuesday, I was deep spiraling down the dungeon of depression in my two story walkup on Travis Street in Dallas, broke financially and emotionally. Six years later, I've decided to try again, work on this project and a few writing projects and see which one flies. I'm not interested in writing the Great American Novel, just wanna start collecting the Great American Paycheck.


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