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Monday, January 16, 2006

Rude Golden Globe observations

Golden Globes - I've never seen so many celebrity golden globes in so many see thru outfits since I don't when, and I'm being forgetful on purpose. Drew Barrymore pair was so obvoius and enormous they filled three quarters of the television screen until the producer and director were told by the network lawyers to make the cameras focus on the face. Eva Longoria is still the loveliest member of Desperate Housewives. Terri Hatcher is just earthy dirty. Marcia Cross - scary plastic. Felicity Huffman - I've loved you since Sports Night, Felicity, but you're too happy happy married, so happy happy glad glad for your GG win for your tranny film. Scarlet Jo ... who cares about the rest of your name, wolf whistle hubba hubba honey.


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