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Sunday, April 16, 2006


I bet anyone that
1.)Windows Genuine Advantage will be helpless to stop pirates from taking advantage of Aero graphics features in Vista
2.)People would either rather own Mactels with Panther or a regular PC with Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop installed and get same or way the hell better experience.
3.)A huge number of ISV's start gravitating toward OS X and Linux.
4.)2008 OCT - still not getting it, Microsoft offers free barebones Vista with limited or no support
5.)Apple buys Microsoft's XBOX white elephant and shows the gang from Redmond how to beat Sony at their own game AND make a profit.
6.)OEM dual boot Mactels (Panther and Vista)surpass Dell and HP not with home buyers but in business. Panther MacMinis with Front Row are available in Kmart, Sears, Target and Blockbuster.
7.)Apple buys Blockbuster and gives Netflix shareholders chestpains by turning trad video distribution on its head by eschewing DVD rentals and instead offering movie downloads that timeout after three days.
8.)In 2011, Microsoft, Napster, Real Networks, etc sues after Apple merges with first Sony and then Disney; for being an entertainment distribution monopoly.


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