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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Milkman Gets his Due...

Bernie Ebbers has been found GUILTY, but apparently his legal team believe they can overturn THE VERDICT on appeal. The missus showed lotsa emotion but Bernie just sat and played with his fingers as the verdict was read.
Many stockholders and employees who suffered from the catastrophic accountancy fraud are glad of the resolution in this case, and WALL STREET breathed a sigh of relief at the outcome, too.
If the ENRON trial has a similar outcome, the markets will feel justice has been served and reward itself. OTOH, if Skilling & Co. get off scotfree, there will be HELL to pay.
Some blue paint wonks feel if there was any real justice in this world, the Bush Family's own financial shenanigans would finally be EXPOSED TO THE LIGHT OF DAY , scrutinized and they would receive their own just reward, too ....
Methinks, though, this will not be the last the business world will hear of Bernie Ebbers, he may just yet escape his punishment and appear again with bigger and even more grandiose schemes.
The ol' Ebbers charm can go a long way, there are markets in South Africa, Jakarta, Brisbane and even mainland China could be next taken in by this rascal.


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