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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cocktail conversation stoppers

Why is it that during a religious war, both sides are thoroughly

convinced God is on their side and not the enemy's side?

Doesn't this put God in an embarrassing position?

Why is it that no one ever thinks of being or aspires to be the

bad guy? Even Hitler thought he was the good guy. In fact

some people to this day think he still is the good guy! Are these

people bad guys, too, or just horribly confused?

Are criminals evil or did they happen to make different career


It has been recently demonstrated that all Corporations for

profit exhibit clear and well defined symptoms of psychopathic

behaviour with blatant disregard for every human being on

the planet. If an individual exhibiting such behaviour can be

put away, why not disable the corporation and find another

business model?

If most rapists and child molesters can not be stopped or

helped from being rapists or child molesters, why not kill them

outright? It cleans up the gene pool, right?

Why do some people who believe all life is sacrosanct have to

kill to get their point across?

Has God ever been sane?


At 5:24 AM, Blogger rockstarbaby said...

just quickly, you makes the assumption theres only one god, if a god at all....

just saying, it throws out balance, most religions are based on multiple gods (usually three main gods and in some faiths a multitude of other minor gods)


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