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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I've let myself been had

Well, now that Rita has scared the bejeezus out of us . what new unforeseen terror of the 21rst century will turn us all into quivering sheep?
Actually, I’m more pissed at myself for giving in to the temporary hysteria generated by the media over Hurricane Rita than at the boob tube, the internet, et alia.
I should have known better …Yet
I didn’t
My only excuse, if there is any, is that I was looking for some kind of excitement in my life that allowed me to act like some end of the world drama queen
I wound up looking like a right burke instead
While I’m not really disappointed that we didn’t get even a wild windstorm or even SOME heavy rains
I do feel bad about the people who actually were directly affected by Rita.
Some doomsday sayers are looking at S.F. as the next target, earthquake wise
My money is on the KC-memphis area


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