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Saturday, January 21, 2006

I wish I didn't delete my predictions from last year. I had predicted that Apple Computers would offer Disney a boatload of money for ABC-TV network but would be rebuffed. I didn't get it quite right but it's still amazing. Disney buys Pixar and Steve Jobs becomes chairman of Disney. How that is going to affect Apple Computer's iTunes contract with NBC programs like Law & Order franchises, The Office and SNL remains to be seen. Eventually, the production companies may make the deals outside of networks.
Howard Stern has decided not pursue his TV interview program on ABC for various reasons, one being the FCC, the others being all his committments to programming at Sirius, OnDEMAND and Spike TV. The one thing applaud the most about Howard Stern is his dropping all contact with sleazy nobody habitual liar Chaucey Hayden. Chauncey Hayden is a cancer to anyone's career.Even a homeless drug addict male prostitute.
God I miss The Stranglers. They started out as greasy pub rock Doors misogynists, substituting all the Jim Morrison reptilean love imagery with dank dangerous sewer rats and half naked big tittied babes as punching bags. These guys kidnapped and tortured music journalists and wrote more hit songs about heroin than a dozen VU copycats including Lou Reed himself. Then they became lightweight synth Beatle-goths. But you still loved 'em. Then Hugh Cornwell and more originals left and it wasn't really the same band anymore, just someone playing at being the Stranglers. If you miss 'em, get Peaches, the best of all the available hits collections. Get this on iTunes or
Before the current administration felt even retroactive warrants were waste of time as far as obtaining wiretaps or intercepting personal communications were concerned check out this link from I, Cringely.


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