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Monday, May 01, 2006

Prognostications 2

A.)Separately, Mozilla Corporation and Opera Software ASA will pressure Dell, H-P, Lenovo and other Windows XP and Vista OEMs to include their browsers.
B.)Google and Yahoo, while pursuing their complaint against Microsoft about the default search engine setting in the IE7 browser with the US Justice Department, will be pressuring Windows OEMs to include their respective desktop and deskbar search programs in their hardware to offer users a choice.
C.)Apple Computers will finally replace its Mach kernel (duh) with a cleaner faster far less buggy one; next year, offer a better dual boot Mactel that runs OS X and Vista, but will offer business users a OS X Mactel with Windows XP APIs - ergo, will run Windows XP applications, i.e. Office - a speedier, safer, smoother user experience.
D.)Suse Linux 10.1 & SLED becomes the first commercial Linux distribution that captures more than eight percent of the OS market.
E.)OpenOffice overtakes Microsoft Office in colleges, universities and high schools (Word Perfect still preferred by many users in law practises).
F.)Novell buys license for iTunes for Suse Linux 10.2. RMS goes apoplectic. Bruce Perens merely shakes his head and wags his finger. Linus Torvalds shrugs. Songbird continues to flounder.


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