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Saturday, October 07, 2006

XP APIs in ne wMAcs for Christmas>?Forgedda about it!

Dang! Dang! DAng! Dang! Apple lost its backbone, it won't slip in the Windows XP APIs this Christmas or ever. Not even for business customers or Xserve. Something is up, something cooking in the lab and something over in marketing. I really would have liked to have had one of those machines. How palsy walsy do you ahve to be to an Apple engineer to get them to sneak out a copy of a prototype that'll never be released just so you can play with this? I suppose I would have videoed the machine in action and put it on YouTUbe for all the geeks to marvel at it and get a lotta' kul komments and flames. I do know one thing. I am never ever gonna run Vista on ANYTHING! XP is as far as I go with Microsoft. Either Suse Linux or OS X from now on.


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