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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Apple Computers and Apple Records:War Is Over 'Cos They Want It

Expect The Beatles and Apple Computers to finally bury the hatchet with an exclusive iTunes release of LOVE the soundtrack to the Cirque Du Soleil tribute show in Las Vegas. Microsoft is pissed because they had been negotiating for the Beatle catalogue for months. Release will be in November 2006 in UK only then rest of world in December. The remainder of the Beatles catalogue on iTunes will be gradually rolled out throughout 2007-08. A future highlight will be the U.S. Rarities version of Penny Lane with horn solo at end in true stereo as a future iTunes single in UK only. The Beatles catalogue will be re-released as remixed and remastered during this period on CD and other formats. Watch for The Beatles iPod in Christmas 2007.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger lastangelman said...

Told You So, People!


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