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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple CAN put the final nail in Vista and scare the hell out of Microsoft

There are two ways Apple can bury Microsoft this spring (oh, just in time for Vista and Leopard releases).
1.)Lower the price on MacMinis even more for a limited time and farm out the manufacturing process to meet any potential demand. (forgeddaboudit)
2.)Drop the API bomb. Have all forthcoming Macs able to run XP applications.
Also: sell for a limited time Leopard OS for USD99 for Wintel boxes. Limited time deal for consumers: Purchase " Leopard-friendly" graphics and video cards for Wintels and get Leopard for Wintels at half price.
OEM deal with one Wintel mfg, either Lenovo, Dell or HP to sell Leopard pre-installed.

If this even eats at only twenty percent of Vista's percieved market share, this will either make Microsoft re-asses itself seriously, re-organize, trim off the fat and become a leaner , meaner business or start the long long long long long downward spiral like old AT&T.


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