Some Time On Earth (Or Something Like Earth)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

can't fight de universal power

Imagine a BIG ASS ROCK the size of Montana slams into the Earth in the next twenty four hours. Anywhere on Earth. Even the ocean. ESPECIALLY the ocean. Cowabunga, dude! Whenever Life ever gets a little too uppity on this planet of ours, the Universe likes to send a subtle reminder who's in charge. For billions of years, it was germs, and they got their microscopic clocks cleaned constantly. Why do you think it took billions of years for even multicellular organisms to finally evolve? The Universe kept wiping 'em out, keepin' them in line! Then when water got be plentiful, it was little sea bugs called trilobites, they ruled the roost in the Cambrian age when LIFE literally exploded. Who knows what kind of beings might have been calling the shots by now if the Universe didn't cast a sharp eye towards the Earth and sent a zinger to the trilobites & co. to show them they weren't so hot? Eventually after the dinosaurs got dusted, the Earth started to get the message and started to keep Life here in line. Quakes, floods, volcanoes, tornados, ice ages, viruses, fascists, socialists, Republicans, Madison Avenue, Big Macs and Ashley Simpson. One time, the Universe sent a present that landed in Russia in 1910, that barely made a dent but should have made us humble nonetheless. Some have the fear, most shrug their shoulders and go, so what, there's nothing we can do, others worship a make believe deity trying to appease the Universe that way. Six and a half billion on the playing field is just way too much. Time to start preparing not for Armageddon ( a fairy tale if there ever was a fairy tale inspired by an ancient drug crazed hermetic Hellinistic Jew and sold as gospel by Constantine ) but the next big rock in the sky, Wormwood, if you're a bedwetting superstitious Christian pansy. No matter what Mother Earth throws at us, we seem able to overcome, but the Universe, you can't fight, unless Mother Earth is conditioning us to take on the Universe. Well, if we 'splode the next rock or comet thrown at us, I'm sure ol Sol will develop the sudden urge to Red Giant on us, and everything will be parboiled to a fricasee.


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