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Sunday, July 02, 2006

How to get a leg up on Microsoft this Christmas

Novel has got a great OS with SLED 10 and its Open Suse companion. If ever there was a Linux OS that has a real decent shot at becoming THE desktop OS distro to dent Microsoft and Apple, this IS it. The best way to capture the minds(hare) and hearts of America and world:
1.) Fix the RPM/YaST. Now, dammit! That has to work flawlessly, invisibly, no crashes, no problems. at all.
2.)Arrange an OEM deal. H-P. Lenovo. Dell. Anybody and everyone. There has to be a pre-installed SLED box for people to buy and see work.
3.)Have an EXCELLENT support staff ready to handle all customer queries and problems concerning SLED. Don't outsource overseas - keep it local/regional, if at all possible. Hire enthusiastic people for the job and keep 'em fresh and not overworked or bored.
4.)Buy Apple-like advertising. Sell SLED like it is the coolest thing ever. Offer to go halfsies with OEM partner(s) promoting SLED/Open Suse boxes. Sell ads promoting out of box software/downloads/support but make it look easy, cool, stylish, attractive. Show Michael Robinson how it's done.
5.)Buy license for iTunes/QuickTime for SLED. Sure it'll drive RMS nuts, and make Berens wag his finger, but you're selling an experience - and Apple won't say no if it means a new revenue stream.


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