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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lenovo found sanity! A major OEM finally giving a real desktop Linux a break - on their laptops - sounds like the strategy I foresaw (and really really hoped) that Novell would take is being implemented. I previously prognosticated about Google and Yahoo pressuring or negotioating with OEMs about including their desktop search software in their boxes and laptops and that recently happened, too. I am not a mystic seer, it just makes sense to offer an alternative to Joe and Jane consumer besides Microsoft.
The gang in Redmond is making so many mistakes, it's no longer laughable. Challenging hackers to break Vista? Trying to put Symantec, et alia, outta business so users will look to only Microsoft for software security? Are they really kidding? Windows Live is awful to use, as is MSN Search, I'm just about ready to abandon Hotmail after eight years. So many people are going to abandon Microsoft because it is trying so hard to be a one stop entertainmaint, home, education and business productivity provider. Unless it changes it's culture and streamlines itself dramatically, it's going to the way of the old AT&T, a long slow painful death ( the new AT&T is SBC Communications, remember, they just bought the old parts and are starting to repeat the mistakes of the old AT&T, here we go again, except the end will come a helluva lot quicker)


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