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Friday, April 29, 2005

Debbie Schlussel - Poetic Justice Is a Karmic Two Way Street

Recently, hydrophobic Ann Coulter wannabe, Deborah Schlussel, pissed all over the barely warm remains of fellow American humanitarian Marla Ruzicka . In one fell swoop, Ms. Schlussel claimed the mainstream media had the entire story backwards, accused the late Ms. Ruzicka of treason and reported her demise gleefully as "poetic justice".
For her sake, Ms. Schlussel best hope she not the suffer the same "poetic justice" . Her alternative take on political events in the US, Middle East and the World has been most suspectand reactionary, quoting skewed and unreliable sources and coloring facts with her own rabid opinion that's a disgrace to the conservative agenda.
But then again, that is not her real agenda, is it?


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