Some Time On Earth (Or Something Like Earth)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

WHY are we allowing ourselves to be punished by forces of unreasonableness? WHY do we we shrug our shoulders and accede to the bumblers, the mediocrity, the short termers, the double talkers, the mumblers? What was it all about?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Watched all the NORAD Santa Tracker videos.
Been suffering with horrible toothache.
Chopped up tons of veg & items for turkey stuffing.
Drained lotsa wine.
Argued, sulked, made up,
watched Edward Scizzorhands.
basted turkey.
drank more wine.
craved alone time.
vacation starts today.

Monday, December 19, 2005

For the third time in as many weeks I have been stricken with bad cold symptons. Today it's the costant dripping runny nose and nothing I do dries it up. Pills, hot liquids, powders - useless. I use a throat spray to keep myself from getting a sore throat, the drip down my throat from my nose aggravates my throat.
This had been a helluva three weeks health wise. Mysterious stomach virus, mysterious infection on my toe that won't go away, cold symptons that come and go one at a time, I want relief.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

God bless the curmudgenly soul of radio personality and general know-it-all, procrastinator Glen Mitchell and all hiswonderful co-horts at KERA, 90.1 FM Denton-Dallas-Fort Worth.

Democrats are crowing cos President Bush has been caught over extending his powers as chief executive and commander in chief and is not apologetic. His excuse is protect America at any cost - WRONG! He took an oath of office to defend and obey the Constitution, not to circumvent the Constitution as a means to an end. President Bush is beyond being a bad President - he is now a bonafide criminal - if he does not resign in the light of his crimes, there should be a thorough and total investigation. If the House Republicans do not start impeachment proceedings towards President Bush ( and his Vice President for lying to Congress, among other crimes ), it's time to start getting the citizenry activated and turn out any potential nodders who allow their President and his administration to act so lawlessly and put the country in mortal peril.