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Saturday, June 24, 2006

First gates now....

Ballmer will be gone before Christmas

Monday, June 19, 2006

Prognostications 4

A.)OK, now Bill Gates officially walks away from Microsoft in two years even though Ozzie/Mundie begins Gates's duties almost immediately. When will Ballmer see the writing on the wall? Never, he will have to be taken out back and shot, and this is gonna be more pathetic than a loyal mutt being gassed at the local pound. Protecting his shareprice, Bill will most definitely be the one to tell Steve his ticket is no longer valid. The replacement will be an outsider, a hatchet wielding streamlining sonofabitch who will separate the wheat from the chaff and instill a real management culture in Redmond for the first time.
B.)Hopefully a new Board of Directors will appear. One of the decisions they will have to make eventually is to quit pussyfooting around and either split the company up or focus on SOMETHING, product-wise or service-wise, and do that SOMETHING really really well. Legally and ethically.
C.)Vista will most certainly be delayed, hopefully cancelled. A new OS has to be made from scratch, no more backwards compatibility. Kiss that NT code goodbye, like DOS (did you know DOS lies underneath
XP? Instead of typing cmd in RUN, try typing command and see what happens...)
OFFICE will continue to lose users such as students, average joe and jane consumers, governments and municipalities to OpenOffice suite and its own OfficeLive as well as Michael Robinson's latest online venture, until it offers affordable pricing and services on its across the board suite.
E.)WGA will be withdrawn and re-introduced
F.)Apple drops the bomb at Christmas '06 with MacMinis with XP APIs - no need to load up BootCamp, unless you have SLED as your second OS.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Prognostications 3

1.)The new AT&T (SBC Communications) makes same mistakes the old AT&T did - becomes the first telecom to be bought out by a dot com (probably current partner Yahoo! or Xxxxxx).

2.)Microsoft: i]Fails spectacularly in its bid for ebay and Skype .
ii]Delays Vista until September 2007
iii]Singularity released for limited use in universities and scientific community - new stable OS proves to be a big hit
iv]Gates and Ballmer are forced to step down by dissatisfied board of directors and shareholders.
v] M$FT finally splits into several smaller companies (R&D, business & home productivity solutions, entertainment, search, operating systems & network solutions).

3.) Xxxxxxx's XxXxxxx and XxXxxxx draw enough fire from small business advertisers that it is investigated by several state district attorneys, the US Attorney General and European trade commisions.

4.) Xxxxxx abandons its inhouse online video format after purchasing YouTube .

5.) Yahoo! purchases Tivo after Apple Computers passes again. Yahoo!employs Tivo not only as a DVR service but as a Yahoo! content provider. Users can access MyYahoo! services from Tivo box.

6.) Apple Computers settles lawsuit with Burst by buying technology patent.

X and x stands for censored