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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Spam in the Blogosphere

just spent a few minutes eliminating all the spam in all the comments of my blogs then resetting my blogs to keep the spam out. i probably wouldn't hate spam that much if all the people who use it weren't scumbags, assholes, dirt clods, pondscum, rat bastards and right cunts. but there it is, so what can you do, hmmmmm?
i mean i write personal meaningful stuff here and some asshole with a bot crawls over my webblog and pollutes it with his pitches for penny stocks and get rich quick schemes and penis enlargements and other crap. I couldn't believe what had happened! Yea! Someone cared enough to leave a comment - what! a sales pitch? FUCK! Well, thanks for Blogger fro proving a tool to slow the fuckers down, but I'm sure some pointy head software engineer will code a work around instaed writing something truly beneficial that might help mankind instaed of hindering progress you shit!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What is wrong with Americans? Why do they accept the lies they are fed so willingly? Is the message so seductive? Is the belief system so high that any one or any entity that entertains or assuages is credulous?
Someone is convinced WWIII is going to erupt any moment ...Hello?!?!!
How about a Second Great Depression?
Still ...
I have hope that very soon Bush, Cheney, et al., will be turned out, arrested, indicted and convicted of all their crimes. They will lose everthing they ever amassed in terms of material wealth - they will be worse than bankrupt they will not have a single solitary nickel between the lot of 'em. Their families will subsist on the very smallest government subsidies and lowest paying salaries they can find because of their notoriety. They will know what it is finally to live in want, to live in shame, to have no rank or privilege.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

mindless skepticism is mainly an excuse for ignorance. the average daily newspaper reader can't keep a consistent thought in his head for two minutes. at best they're armchair reactionaries. at worst they're hypocritical armchair reactionaries. When a recent survey asked if the government should have the right to limit the press in reporting a story, an appalling 68 percent said either "always," "sometimes," or "rarely." Only 29 percent said "never." Let's hope the First Amendment never comes up for a vote. By the way, even the people who denounce the New York Times as the bible of liberals ultimately get most of their useful news from it.

most of all of above freelifted, shaved and p-sided from

Why I Don't Trust Readers
Jack Shafer
5 aug 2005 4:35pm

Monday, August 01, 2005

You lose someone who has been an impediment and a drain for many years. You are finally free to grow. Then another person immediately takes the impediment's place and becomes an even bigger drag on you. Why do we let this happen? And why does it happen to us when it is outside of our control?

So far the new month is barely over five and a half hours old - the first three hours was absolutely wonderful - then since five a.m. it's been like Friday The 13th. Know that old saw about bad things happening in threes? The past half hour so far it is three squared! Oops! Make that cubed!