Some Time On Earth (Or Something Like Earth)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Working on a storyboard for a personal fun animation project. It's called The Great Toothache. Based on personal experience. Very Rob Scrivener type drawings - hope it looks like a great shotgun wedding of Bob Clampett and Tex Avery. Hope I can pull off making it look like one crazy long tracking shot, like being followed by a tiny helicopter or a fly.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I wish I didn't delete my predictions from last year. I had predicted that Apple Computers would offer Disney a boatload of money for ABC-TV network but would be rebuffed. I didn't get it quite right but it's still amazing. Disney buys Pixar and Steve Jobs becomes chairman of Disney. How that is going to affect Apple Computer's iTunes contract with NBC programs like Law & Order franchises, The Office and SNL remains to be seen. Eventually, the production companies may make the deals outside of networks.
Howard Stern has decided not pursue his TV interview program on ABC for various reasons, one being the FCC, the others being all his committments to programming at Sirius, OnDEMAND and Spike TV. The one thing applaud the most about Howard Stern is his dropping all contact with sleazy nobody habitual liar Chaucey Hayden. Chauncey Hayden is a cancer to anyone's career.Even a homeless drug addict male prostitute.
God I miss The Stranglers. They started out as greasy pub rock Doors misogynists, substituting all the Jim Morrison reptilean love imagery with dank dangerous sewer rats and half naked big tittied babes as punching bags. These guys kidnapped and tortured music journalists and wrote more hit songs about heroin than a dozen VU copycats including Lou Reed himself. Then they became lightweight synth Beatle-goths. But you still loved 'em. Then Hugh Cornwell and more originals left and it wasn't really the same band anymore, just someone playing at being the Stranglers. If you miss 'em, get Peaches, the best of all the available hits collections. Get this on iTunes or
Before the current administration felt even retroactive warrants were waste of time as far as obtaining wiretaps or intercepting personal communications were concerned check out this link from I, Cringely.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

casey kasem death dedication

It's amazing that there are still some stuff out there that can make me cry -The Who performing "Listening To You" from See Me Feel Me (Tommy); XTC performing "Dear God"; The final scene from Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights"; the breathtaking beauty of a Texas sunset with its swirls of fuschias and violets and marshmallows and blues; a stolen election...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I recently got turned on to this new service called Foldershare. It's very easy to use and was nearly hassle free to set up , install and use. Check it out.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Rude Golden Globe observations

Golden Globes - I've never seen so many celebrity golden globes in so many see thru outfits since I don't when, and I'm being forgetful on purpose. Drew Barrymore pair was so obvoius and enormous they filled three quarters of the television screen until the producer and director were told by the network lawyers to make the cameras focus on the face. Eva Longoria is still the loveliest member of Desperate Housewives. Terri Hatcher is just earthy dirty. Marcia Cross - scary plastic. Felicity Huffman - I've loved you since Sports Night, Felicity, but you're too happy happy married, so happy happy glad glad for your GG win for your tranny film. Scarlet Jo ... who cares about the rest of your name, wolf whistle hubba hubba honey.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Next month there will begin a nine month race to see if the three hundred millionth person in this country will be natural born, naturalized or just plain illegal. Odds say the person will be male, either white WASP or Hispanic Catholic, and be in the South or California. Whatever, it will show up sometime in October. Some magazine will zero in on an arbitrary date and designated time, probably broadcast the event all over the internet this person is either born, sworn in or crossing the border illegally. The it will be forty years when the population tops at 400,000,000 and everybody will have electronic chip I.D. implanted at conception, delivered and installed by nanobots.

Roomie and me are putting together idea for a new comic. Scott Adams has been shilling for Get Fit or whatever which has poor art and not so funny humour. The creator wants someone else to draw the strip and will focus on the writing. I think I can be funnier, but writing about workout facilities, gyms, whatnot is not my bag. I have a weird set up where I am, so I will write what I know.
It's a menagerie of one crazed manic depressive alcoholic ex-stripper and video porno starlet, her nonegenarian mother, four cats with distinctive personalities, a sly ferret, a pod of possums and a mean overweight destructive raccon. Oh, not to mention the invading army of fighting gamecocks and their hens, neighborhood dogs and wandering relatives, children and then there's myself, long suffering reactor to all the parade passing thru.

Friday, January 13, 2006

25 Reasons to Try Linux

This is a useful link for those interested in switching from Microsoft Windows and other proprietary products to GNU/Linux and other free/open source software.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Teeth pain contained for now.
Fixing mouth is costly.
Too bad. Gotta take the hit.

Probably will have to flog stuff to cover cost.
Too bad.Gotta take the hit.

Why do I find Revolution 9 highly listenable?

iTunes Shuffle playing ELO's "Hold On Tight". I needed to hear this.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

GOTTA' GO TO BAYLOR ... OR SHOOT ME ... BETTER YET, GET ME SOME OPIATE, VICODIN, PERCODAN, MORPHINE (scratch that - makes me throw up, stomach cramps, nope, don't like), OXYCONTIN, and maybe a sedative induced coma for a fortnight.
Garsh, I can be such a baby, but that's because I hold the pain in until I cants stands its I tells ya.
Well, it's my fault, didn't take care of teeth when I was younger. Let that be a lesson to everybody else, don't be lazy about dental care, just brush regularly (soft brush), no soda pop, easy on the sweets, drink flouridated water, and floss floss floss and don't prove you're macho by biting off bottle caps.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I don't know why, but I've a feeling things are getting better but not in the ways I imagine nor will want. 2005 CE was a rotten year for many, but it was an endurance test for all concerned. This year will be payoff for all who were patient. This year, we will finally get a personal dividend, though it may not be apparent first.