Some Time On Earth (Or Something Like Earth)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

WIndows API on Apple Macs may happen, yet..

Watch out, Steve Jobs may drop the bomb on Microsoft - the ability to run Windows programs on Macs - without Windows (at least Windows XP). Don't believe Redmond's numbers, Vista sales are far far far worse than expected and the projections are not good - with the announcement of dumping support for XP early next year, many vendors are considering to upgrading - to Linux. Apparently, Service Pack 3 ain't gonna happen, you either buy Vista Basic at the least or choke and die. How about Microsoft's customers/users give Redmond the finger and start switching to Ubuntu, Red Hat and the Lando Calrissian of Linux distros, Novell Suse. And for those who got the cash to get sucked into Apple's hardware snare, from a Mac Mini to MacBook Pro, you'll be able to run virtually anything you want - Mac OS X, another OS using Boot Camp or programs using XP APIs running flawlessly without Windows.